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Thoughts from our community

Modesto Outdoor Recreation Alliance (MORA)

MNI has provided a great venue for collaboration with like minded individuals and groups within the community. It offers a very supportive environment to assist community organizations realize their full potential to serve the community. Networking opportunities within the community abound through our affiliation with Modesto Neighborhoods. MNI has also allowed our organization to quickly and efficiently get organized through their 501c3 fiscal partnership.

Delwood Neighborhood Alliance

Modesto Neighborhoods strives to be a cheerleader for promoting neighborhood collaboration and highlighting their projects. It focuses on the importance of neighbors working together. We are evolving and changing with the times. It has provided training in organization, leadership and collaborative skills for our alliances. MNI has asked and answered the crucial question of what was working and what changes should be made. We realized we needed to develop a website to better communicate our vision and accomplishments. A toolkit was created to help not only the alliances, but our entire community.

College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA)

MNI’s non-profit structure has provided the ability for CANA to raise funds for our park projects and neighborhood improvements. Being a part of MNI has widened our connection to other neighborhoods and communities. It has also connected us to our city and county staff and officials. The work of MNI fosters sharing of information and understanding. Getting to know our neighbors has enlivened a sense of belonging in our neighborhood. We look forward to continuing our work in the CANA area and with MNI and others who are making efforts to better our communities.

Focus On Prevention

Focus on Prevention is proud to partner with Modesto Neighborhoods. We are united in our efforts to achieve shared objectives. Our collaboration centers around enhancing the well-being of all residents, fostering a culture of learning and cooperation, supporting neighbors and communities in attaining their aspirations, building connected and secure environments based on trust, and equipping our communities with the essential resources and competencies for prosperity. Through our recent partnership, we introduced the Neighborhood Mini-grants to the residents of Stanislaus County. Together, we aim to foster social connections and build stronger, healthier neighborhoods united in their pursuit of well-being.


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